Hose drum with calendered plate, reinforced steel sides.
Folding tow-bar with directional little wheel (only on J2).
Professional hose winding system with turbine coupled to the gearbox directly.
Sprinkler-trolley on wheels adjustable in width.
Endless screw for a perfect hose winding regulation.

Fixed hose reel irrigator equipped with:
  • Galvanized chassis, sprinkler trolley and accessories
  • Towbar with foldable wheel (except J1 series)
  • Reel painted RAL5017
  • Mechanical parts painted with RAL 5017
  • Flanged turbine on the gearbox, speed control and compensator
  • Gearbox single speed with automatic drive disengagement, device for rewinding through handle or PTO (except on J1) and rewinding out of the drum (J1 excluded)
  • Leadscrew hose layering device
  • 2 wheels sprinkler trolley with adjustable track and automatic trolley lift
  • Lateral staker legs
  • Sectoring sprinkler with set of nozzles
  • Supply hose 3 mt. with female ball joint on line side
  • Water inlet from turbine side
  • Instructions and maintenance handbook
  • Guarantee coupon